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Experience, Competence, & Passion.
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Experience matters.

Nolan Clare founded this company on the belief that every older adult deserves an experienced advocate by their side as they navigate the senior health industry.  At Clare Senior Advisors, we truly believe there is no substitute for Experience.  We believe in experience so much that we require each of our Advisors to have a minimum of 10 years of Senior Living/Health experience.   Our commitment to hiring experienced professionals results in peace of mind for our clients.

Competence matters.

We believe the best Advisors are those who have also "walked the walk." We understand the ins and outs of the Senior Living Industry because we have served these types of communities as the Administrator or Sales and Marketing Director. Our Founder, Nolan Clare, is a Licensed Assisted Living Administrator who managed several Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities in Nebraska and Iowa.  There is no substitute for competence and we hire only the best, most competent Advisors.

Passion matters.

We have spent decades caring for older adults in the facilities we managed.  We have had the privilege of getting to know our clients.  We have held their hand when they were sad, laughed with them when they were happy, and celebrated holidays and special events over the years.  We believe in our work and will serve your loved one as though they are a member of our own family.


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