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When is In-Home Care right for you (or your loved one)?

In short, in-home care is appropriate when three conditions are met.

  1. You have sufficient monthly income and/or savings to maintain your current living situation and absorb the added costs of in-home care services without jeopardizing your ability to get the care you will need in the future.

  2. Your care needs are predictable and able to be met in your home, apartment, condo, etc...

  3. It is safe for you (or your loved one) to live at home.

At Clare Senior Advisors, we help our clients understand the advantages and potential risks of utilizing in-home care services. New clients will often come to us after utilizing in-home care services for years only to find that their savings have all but disappeared and their care needs are increasing. In our work, we advocate for each client in such a way as to preserve their options in the future. Clare Senior Advisors' Founder, Nolan Clare, says "when it comes to in-home care, everyone needs an experienced advocate helping them make the right decisions for themselves or a loved one."

"When it comes to in-home care, everyone needs an experienced advocate helping them make the right decisions for themselves or a loved one" - Nolan Clare, Founder - Clare Senior Advisors

Whenever a caregiver has been hired to come in and care for another person, without direct supervision, there exists an opportunity for financial exploitation, abuse, and/or neglect. For this reason, the team at Clare Senior Advisors recommends only working with in-home care companies that have procedures and practices in place to reduce the chances of financial exploitation, abuse, and/or neglect.

While there are lots of in-home care companies, Clare Senior Advisors only refers to those who have demonstrated success, passion for caregiving, and adherence to high ethical standards. In-home care companies are not all the same.

Even the best in-home care companies will have trouble lining up enough caregivers to meet their clients' needs. This is becoming an increasingly serious problem in this industry. To better serve seniors, Clare Senior Advisors, has cultivated the Clare Care Network. When you work with Clare Senior Advisors, your Senior Advisor will serve as your advocate and coordinate care with as many companies as is necessary to meet your needs. That way if one company can't meet your needs, we can work with others to make sure that you (or your loved one) is cared for. Utilizing the Clare Care Network to connect with reputable in-home care companies comes at no cost to you or a loved one. The company(s) you engage for in-home care will bill you for their services at the agreed upon hourly rate.

Clare Senior Advisors proudly serves the following communities:

Omaha, NE

Bellevue, NE

Elkhorn, NE

Gretna, NE

Papillion, NE

LaVista, NE

Blair, NE

Fremont, NE

Council Bluffs, IA

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